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Multimedia Learing Resource Center

MMLRC's main goal is to provide the finest audio/video and multimedia equipment, production and service within budget and maximize utilization of AV for students and faculty to enhance learning whenever possible.

MMLRC is located in rooms 131 and 118 in the 100 building, on the west side of the El Dorado campus. MMLRC will deliver (with at least 2 days advance notice) and setup AV equipment for classes, administrative meetings, and college events. MMLRC can also check out AV gear to faculty for campus use. External clients can arrange to rent equipment and production services at competitive rates. A full listing of equipment and services available can be accessed at the Equipment and Services Available links located above.

Name: Randy Ellis  
Title: Facilitator of Multimedia Learning Resources
Location: Butler of El Dorado
Building: 100
Office: 131
Office Phone: (316) 322-3179
Ext: 3179


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